Comforting the Prisoner

Loss and grief are experiences shared across humanity. But for prisoners they can be particularly stressful and poignant: the difficulty of contact with a loved-one in the last stages of life and with family at the time of bereavement; the inability to attend the funeral; the often complex relationships involved; the need to be seen to be coping amongst fellow prisoners…

Often prisoners come across to the chapel to light a candle and for a ‘quiet time’ around the time of a funeral or on the anniversary of a death – irrespective of their faith commitment or lack of it.

Every November, we organise a multi-faith event, increasingly valued, with readings from a variety of traditions, the writing down of names of people to remember, silence, candle-lighting, and a shared statement of gratitude and commitment.

There are tears, there is empathy, there is togetherness across religious divides, there is God.

Kevin Hooke
Prison chaplain