Discipleship & Ministries Learning Network (DMLN)

The Learning Network is a new entity, created by the Conference in 2012. It aims to make learning and development part of the core life of the church and its members, not just something that people performing certain roles, such as ministers or local preachers, do at the start of their service. Regionally based, it will make training more accessible to people by moving much of it out of residential full-time colleges, adding part-time, short course, online and other training to the mix. It will also lead to a wider range of roles supported, reflecting the idea that we all can and should learn and grow as Christian disciples throughout our lives.

We are part of the Yorkshire Plus region

The key commitments of the Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network

Commitment 1

A commitment to transforming discipleship – to equipping the Methodist people to be Christ-like disciples. The Network’s activities will assist circuits and local churches to nurture and equip the Methodist people to become whole life, lifelong, world transforming disciples of Christ in the world.

This will include building on the work of the Extending Discipleship, Exploring Vocation (EDEV) and Deepening Discipleship initiatives.

Commitment 2

A commitment to transforming ministries – to equipping all those who share in the ministry of God within and beyond the life of the Church to be effective leaders, servants and partners in God’s mission, making our ministries more accessible and more effective.

Commitment 3

A commitment to transforming communities – to challenging and equipping circuits and local churches as they change and grow as mission-focused Christian communities.

Commitment 4

A commitment to transforming innovation – to nurturing deep, innovative and creative theological thinking to inform, equip and challenge the Connexion.

For more information about this is being implemented across the connexion, visit the Methodist Website